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Friday, November 11, 2005

Apocalypse Now

The signs have been mounting up for sometime, and maybe this is a result of conscious intent on behalf of the lunatics running the USA, frothing at the mouth for middle east confrontations in the somewhat insane belief that they, the tyrant inheritors of the Puritans, will be God's special chosen people come Judgment Day. Of course, one of the signs of the apocalypse is not simply the return of Christ, but also (according to Mr Nazareth as quoted in the gospels) the arrival of many false messiahs claiming to be Christ, and, according to Revelations, one big Anti-Christ fooling us into believing they and their side (and only they and thier side) have God's blessing.

So, if Christ correlates to Unconditional Love, and the return of Christ means that all of us wake up to the Unconditional Love within us all, then maybe the Anti-Christ is.. umm, what's the opposite of Unconditional Love ("I love you no matter what you do") ... Is it Conditional Love ("If you love me you'll...")... or Tyranny ("You are loved as long as you are one of us and conform to our rules)....

Yeah, big surprise, the anarchist thinks that the Anti-Christ is Tyranny. Noticed any action from Tyranny lately? Sedition laws, you know, the sort of thing used to nail Jesus up? Any threats to the freedom to associate? Any danger of innocent people locked up without charge or trial? Any moves to force unmarried mothers out to work rather than allow them to collect the thrashings?


Well, there you go, I may simply be delusional, and maybe George Bush, Blair and Howard are on the side of the Angels, and the AntiChrist's picture is on CNN with a big "Muslim Terrorist" label. Forget loving your neighbour, it's too dangerous, trust the authorities, make sure you're wearing your identification number and conforming to security measures. Be sure to dob in your neighbours if you think they're growing dope; it's a very short way from bucket bongs to backpack bombs. Be suspicious of people with differently coloured skin or funny clothes. Trust the government; it's doing the best that rank terror will allow.

Or, maybe you can see that War IS Terror. That freedom cannot be imposed at gunpoint. That a shortened life of freedom and love and integrity and creativity and joy is worth infinitely more that a long dull secure cowardly and obedient existence lived in thrall to earthly authority. That loving your neighbour, your enemy, and your self, is the antidote to the Anti-Christ of Tyranny, xenophobia and fear- and war-mongering.

That's where I may well be. May you be well, too.


  • At 16 November, 2005 16:07, Blogger mayhem said…

    Dear Norrie

    I enjoyed reading this on the queer list - and on your blog

    thanks too for your warm posting on my blog
    and for being you - and a positive, active energetic brilliant radical

    (and seriously undermining my own femmo seppo tendencies by being a legendary crone too)

    big hugs



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