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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I've been reading Spong's "A New Christianity for a New World", a radical look at God as seen by all religions, and what ordinary people actually mean by "God", and how sick our society is having lost it's faith in the white jealous patriarch in the sky, and having nothing else to relieve it's existential angst apart from it's chronic addiction epidemic.

It's an uncompromising call for Unconditional Love as a social value, and a rejection of the mumbo-jumbo, and has been denounced by religious authoritarians in a manner reminicscent of their treatment of Jesus in his day. (In case you've forgotten., the pious religious authorities were the folk who arranged for Jesus to be crucified.)

This is serious, kids. It's time for us all to outgrow the toxic patterns we learnt as children, and act lovingly towards our fellow humans, and our environment. At stake is not only our health and happiness, but our whole future.


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