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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

X's Xmas message

"What do you do about people who can't look after themselves? People who are poor? People who are oppressed? Do you walk by on the other side of the road or do you do something about it?

"Jesus taught us that love requires action … The resources of the state should be used to systematically care for the poor and the oppressed."

Australia’s new Leader of the Opposition, Kevin Rudd, quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald 4 December 2006

Hey, the non-war-crazy party won the US mid-term elections, Palestine and Israel have an actual ceasefire, and even capitalist hypocrites are having to admit the realities of global warming.

More and more people are realizing the need for us all to work together, and be nice to each other, for a shared and sustainable future.

What happens next ain’t just up to you, but is, by and large, and for you in particular, shaped by what you choose.

Choose Love, in All things.

And don’t let any stupid rules get in the way.

Merry Xmas


channelled by norrie mAy-welby
December 2006


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