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Thursday, December 01, 2005

VSU (Voluntary Student Unionism)

This following is the basic text of a submission to independently minded Senators as the Howard Regime rushes to slip VSU through while we are distracted by state terrorism enablement and SerfChoice..

The society we grew up in had as fundamental unchallenged principles individual liberty and universal respect for human life and freedom of speech. Sadly, for reasons best known to themselves, our leaders are increasingly adopting the agenda of our supposed enemies, the terrorists who supposedly envy our freedoms, (so our tactic is to give up those freedoms???!!!), clamping down on freedom of movement and association and expression.

When those who would have us return to totalitarianism are so vocal, now, more than ever, defending and protecting the sources of honest free and fearless expression is essential to the democratic nature of our society.

Student associations are one such source, and should be protected against the iniquity of VSU legislation. Please, stand up for the right of young and fresh and diverse and dissenting voices to be heard and encouraged. Stand up against the erosion of civil liberties and freedom of expression and association. Stand up against VSU.


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