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Friday, December 16, 2005


The media were certainly quick to fan the initial incident into an ongoing racist confrontation. According to a close source, this was just a bunch of yobbo young men aggressively displeased about being told by the lifeguard they couldn't play ball games (because there were too many other people around, and this would be unsafe), so they roughed him up, and a common dispute between arrogant young men and an authority figure trying to keep the peace and amenity for others became "lebs" vs "aussies".

I'm still laughing at our brave and fearless leaders' denial of the racism inherent in this nation founded by genocide, twisted by the White Australia policy, and shaped by the dog whistle politics embraced since Pauline Hanson appeared. Yobbos are often the enforcers of society's unspoken rules, and where once they would be out poofter-bashing, now they are targetting the people whose countries we have gone to illegal war against.

Mainstream White political and media orchestrators have been sowing the wind for some time now...


  • At 22 December, 2005 14:38, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    One of the reasons Howard and his head backbencher Sleazy Kim Beazly are saying the whole event isn't racist is because their mates in the media and in the police service have been caught out by the whole schemozzel.

    The media whipped themselves into a frenzy, inciting dirrect violence, to which the public responded. Iemma Beazley and Howard all depend on these scum who live in sound proof rooms listerning to those whose only contact with the outside world, (because they are mentally ill) is the phone line that is conected to the soundproof rooms at 2GB et al to get their public masterbation support at the next election (or is that erection).

    The cops, those wonderous dick heads, didn't control the situation at Cronulla at all (despite their excessive powers), so despite the place being an alcohol free zone, by mid afternoon, half the racist crowd of 5000 was well and truely pissed.

    So despite the Redfern Riots and Maquarie Feilds riots, the cops learning nothing rush to Parliament, backed up by the low lifes in their sound proof rooms, saying cops don't have enough powers.

    And the cops get more powers.

    Those in the civil liberties area who complain wholeheartedly about the pissweak wankers should take heart in the fact that those extra powers will never be used in a coordinated way (like say- at the next riots) and only shall be used to harrass the minority groups around the fringes making the cops look good in front of their girlfriens (Aberneathy- you pissweak scumbag- are you reading this and thinking- OH- TJ Hickey incident).

    In the meantime the morons screatch across the radio waves, cops harrass those who are the least threat to them, and wankers such as IEMMA, get their $60,000 press release.


    All the background noise by all the impotent scum who say they have power (IEMMA, POLICE, SHOCK JOCKS etc) turns into a babble of confussion and a flurry of counter press releases, and the good folk conrtinue to live life fairly well in harmony.

    Thank god we live in Australia- and we know that the guy who tried to kill Brogden is as big a wanker, and as powerless as his opposite Iemma.

    And that Beazly and Howard sleep in the same bed!


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