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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the most famous androgynous freak in the world

My God, I may be the most famous androgynous freak in the world, and not just for now, but for a long time, with scholars and such, at least, in Gender Studies as a footnote, and I can do talk shows if I have a book to do a book tour with, and i have a huge back catalog of stuff but really if I'm not too appallingly lazy I can kick out a 500 word article once a week, and my goodness there will actually be an audience for my ravings on ethics, interconnectedness, happiness and storytelling, language and feeling, comic books and cosmic narcissism, scotch and diet coke thanks.

Not only that, but I will be so famous with students of gender studies and social change and all that, that there actually WILL be someone willing to sort out the huge pile of newspaper and magazine cuttings I've been too bone lazy to even paste into a scrapbook in the last (cough cough) ten years....  OTOH it's a good thing I've been prolific, for those keen on such things, and geez, I hope some of it gets more attention than the more depressive dribblings on one of my blogs (which is where I confess to being a founding member of the Manic Depressive Society at uni, but that's cos we figured all uni students were by nature of exams and partying with uni students, alternatively very stressed/unhappy or very gruntled/happy. I mean, here is where I confess thar, not there, in that blog, which i was momentarily tempted to take down or censor, but that would be bad karma, i reckon,so whatever, I write/draw/sing/whatever, you choose whatever tickles your fancy or sticks in your brain).

I am an underachieving egomaniac's dream come true! I actually just got lucky! No, honestly, there are heaps of people in Sydney, and in Australia, and all around the world, working to remove gender barriers for the differently gendered or sexed or inclined, and many of them are like me in some way physically in between, or both, or neither, or whatever, yeah, in many different and beautiful ways, many sexy sexy ways ; )

I just got lucky in being in the right place at the right time with the right background and the right zeigeist and the right people to know... my goodness, little old me, 3 steps from the PM (via my mate Georgina Beyer former NZ MP, well, we shared a cigarette cough cough at a conference once,  but she knows Helen (Clarke, former NZ PM), and Helen knows Kev...), and bless Greens Leader Lee Rhiannon, who knew me from the front lines at demos, and who not only turned up for my demo at the Human Rights Commission, but who actually asked a question about my case in parliament that very day! and bless the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, for asking serous questions of the AG, and I don't actually know Gordon Moyes, the reverand MP from Family First, who also supports my sex not specified status, but may the Goddess bless him too ; ) and forgive me for losing the plot to that sentence, but it is all a bit gasp overwhelming too

And of course it's not just a local phenomena, support and interest is worldwide, and it's a buzz to be able to serve such an important cause, and have such a boost to one's sense of meaningfulness and my god fulfilment except of course, the day I dream of will never come true, for my dream is totally equal and fair and loving treatment of everyone everywhere, from the housepets to the cartoonists, from sea to shining sea, and it is an ideal to focus on and move towards,  not a target to despair of never reaching. Where there is progress, there is only a relatively small number who can see where we're going, or where we ought go, compared to those still obsessed by whatever rut they're in. So, blessed are the freaks, and me specifically,  obviously : D

Ooh it's better than an E

Not an 80s E, maybe, but better than they are nowadays

Omigod I'm that old I just said that

Ha ha, that brings me down to earth lol

But jeez if this happened twenty years ago it'd be buried in a few weeks, instead of lasting forever on the internet, and I can publish anything without needing an audience of any size, unlike the old media so dependent on the economics of mass production, and it is easy to transmit virally, as indeed the ideas and memes I pass on are ideas and memes passed to me by friends who read Foucault (and I'm still too lazy to), or Quentin Crisp (who I read, and shared a docudrama with ; ) [sexing the label], and Asimov, oh, Isaac, and many great comic book writers and others.

Alright, time for my manic insomnia to wear off, and for me to dream of being Fallom making love with Daneel...

Goodnight and Jah bless, y'all


  • At 01 June, 2010 00:31, Blogger Steve Cook said…

    Darling Nozza

    Crickey! Another ill defined mess you’ve gone and put the (dis)gendered rocket up!

    Haven’t seen you in ages and would be good to hook up, especially as your blog indicates we`re neighbours – i`m on Morehead Street.

    Lully hugs Stevie


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