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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This law, passed by the lower house in NSW last Friday, makes it legal for a man to dob in his partner as a "whore", and she, single mother of four, could have her power and phone cut off on this one accusation, as she is guilty until proven innocent! Media release from Scarlet Alliance follows:


WHAT: Sex workers protest against the "Brothels Legislation Amendment Bill 2007"

WHEN: Tuesday 26th June, 2007, 12.30pm

WHERE: Parliament House, Macquarie Street


CARRYING: Paper bags of $$$ to influence the Parliament

WHY: The new laws will be a return to the old "Paper Bag" days

Iemma and Sartor are reversing the decriminalisation of the sex industry in NSW by introducing harsh and discriminatory laws that will oversee eviction of private workers from their homes, power and electricity cut off from non-Council approved brothels, and the Land and Environment Court hearing applications aiming to render entire sections of neighbourhoods 'sex industry free.'

The Bill was introduced to parliament late on Wednesday night, was rammed through the Legislative Assembly on Friday and is expected to be rushed through the Legislative Council tomorrow.

Saunas, performance venues, burlesque... any venue that allows nudity could be subject to the new laws.

For Media Comment call:
Janelle Fawkes 0411 985 135
Scarlet Alliance
The Australian Sex Workers Association

The proposed Bill includes –

- Removal of natural justice

- Council will have the power to have amenities like phone and power turned off and a fining regime implemented.

- A Court may determine a place was a brothel without any direct evidence and may accept circumstantial evidence, and without the sex worker in question being able defend themselves against the allegations.

- A new definition of "sex related uses" in the "Environmental Planning and Assessment Act" includes all premises where nudity and money are involved: clubs, performance venues, and art spaces will be effected.

- Instead of councils needed to receive "sufficient complaints about the brothel" prior to taking action, Councils can now take closure action after only one complaint.

- An owner of an apartment building where a private sex worker is working can be subject to these new laws. A defense for the owner is to evict the sex worker. This is without to the sex worker having a chance to challenge the order.

- As the definition of brothel still includes one person working as a sex worker in their own home, the increased Council power including acting on only 1 complaint and without the need to prove prostitution takes place.


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