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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gender exclusion on youtube

This letter sent to editor@youtube.com
Feel free to send one too....

Please allow people to join without having to say they are either male or female. This is rude, and excludes many creative people. Did you know there are actually more people with genetic intersex conditions than there are transgendered folk?

Please do not treat this as frivolous. Excluding people who are not exclusively "male" or exclsuively "female" may not affect the majority, but a significant minority, around 1-5% of the human population. Yes, we are rare, but so too Norwegians are (globally speaking) rare, but that is no reason to exclude them (or us) from world affairs.

Please bring your site up to speed with the 21st Century, and move away from that industrialised crap where if you're not a ruler, the most important than about you is how you can breed the next generation of factory or cannon fodder.

I am fairly well networked with the communities of sex or gender diverse people and those who support them, and will be forwarding your response to them for their interest.

norrie mAy-welby
human being with no Ova or Sperm production or a single stereotypical gender role.


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