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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gay allowed on Myspace, androgynous not

We were assured the lack of "gay" as an option in Myspace was a bug that would soon be fixed, and that indeed seems to be the case. However, one still cannot register wihout listing oneself as either "male" or "female", which excludes some intersex folk, some transgender folk in transition, I guess all hermaphrodites, and androgynously identified humans like me. No that there are many like me, but there are other kinds of androgynously identified humans. And plenty more humans who find this kind of compulsory sexual categorisation and disclosure to be unwelcome.

Tell MySpace (and YouTube) to lift their game, and take the sex hurdle out of the registration process, and instead allow people to indicate if they so choose whether they have or like blonde or brunette straight or curls and so on, and likewise if they so choose allow people to keep private whether they have private parts of this or that shape or whatever.

Write to au-mscontact@myspace.com and editor@youtube.com and cc me nmay-wel@bigpond.net.au

Here's my letter to them sent today:


Time for Gender Inclusion on the Internet

It is time that all people were allowed to participate in human society without sexual discrimination based on their gender, marital status, or breeding state. It is time that MYSPACE and YOUTUBE welcomed all people without sexual discrimination, instead of blocking from registration all those unwilling or unable to identify themselves as one and only one of "male" or "female". It's very simple; remove the category, or make it optional, or allow more choices, including self-nomination.

The current system is excluding a small but vital percentage of the human race. We all count, you know, not just the majority.

norrie mAy-welby

A private citizen representing nothing but what made sense to me at the time

Thank you to all those who have already written and forwarded this call for gender inclusion on myspace and youtube

Whether your interest extends as far as writing a post, or just as far as reading this post, thank you for your dedication to humanity.


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