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Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Refugees Blog

The conditions of immigration detention are dehumanizing, depriving people of their liberty and common human dignity, on the basis that some bureaucrat is not sure whether they’re allowed to breath our air or not. They are held prisoner behind razor wire for the profit of the private companies running the concentration camps, and to ensure MPs get votes from frightened white people.

These people are just people like you, trying to survive, but caught up in this brutal system that deports Australians and separates families and destroys lives.

Read their stories in their own words.

The real life stories from people in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre are being posted on a new blog, “Villawood Refugees”.


And if you’re of a mind to help, why not contact your local refugee action group? A few people travel out with me every fortnight; details on the right and on the refugees blog.

We are all part of humanity, all interconnected, and how we treat others and how we allow them to be treated has a direct impact on how we are treated. This is not just karma or religious twaddle, it’s Einstein’s Law of Cause and Effect.

There is no human that I am not related to. There is nothing human that is alien to me.

There is no justification for using violence on people just because of some outrageous vanity about which fleas own which part of the dog. And there is no excuse for my silence or complicity when people are being tortured in the name of us, the voting and taxpaying public.


PS on an not unrelated topic, What would you do if you or your son or close friend or relative was held captive and tortured by a foreign power for five years, and you found out that your Prime Minister could have stopped it at any time?


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