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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sticking out like dogs' balls

I’ve been refining my “Dogs’ Balls” theory since New Year, when I had to process the fact that in any general social setting, some people stick out like dogs’ balls, and unless I am rendered mute and immobile, I am one of those.

It’s just how people process their confusion, anxiety and concerns about gender and sex, projecting onto any transgender or gender ambiguous person.

And hell, often people notice me just for my unusual posture. I became aware of this the other day as I sat on the train in half-lotus. I could sit “normal”, but it’s not healthy, and I’d rather stick out like dogs’ balls than end up like most normals with back problems.

Dogs’ balls are only offensive to stuck up folk with prudish morals and foolish judgements. Other dogs like dogs’ balls. If you cover them up, or cut them off, you end up with no dog. The dog’s balls have to stick out, for the health and future of all dogdom.

Some people are the dog’s paws, some are the fleas, and some of us are the dog’s balls. Rude and fecund, offensive to petty mortal authority, and vital to life and vivaciousness. Colourful, vibrant, unruly, uncowable, the movers and shakers, the people who stand out and make a difference, we are God’s dogs’ balls. And only those who are anti-life and anti-love oppose us.

Lick it!


  • At 09 February, 2007 20:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's a pretty unconventional post.. How at all did u think about it

  • At 09 February, 2007 22:08, Blogger Norrie said…

    From my experience at New Year, shen I had to accept how much I am talked about, listening to people talking as if their tents were sound-proof, about the drag queen tranny, was it a boy or a girl, has it a dick or a pussy, did you see her/ him??!! I blogged it on my more intimate blog:



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