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Musings from the perspective of a human being who may well be not locatable completely within the usual categories of male or female or gay or straight or transsexual or intersexed or exploiter or exploited or supplier or consumer or performer or spectator.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Casual Cruelty of Detention

When the Immigration gestapo pounce on you, you're taken away immediately, no phone calls, no chance to pop home for a change of clothes, no chance to return your video rentals, no chance to arrange for someone to look after the cat. You're just seized, for being deemed"illegal," by this so-called civilised nation, and the cat is left alone in your apartment, and you are locked away, locked away for days, worrying about your beloved puss puss, and the days become weeks and months, and your cat is long dead.


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