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Friday, December 16, 2005


This year that reflects itself, 2005, started for me at Confest, sitting with some younger campers, playing the parlour games popular with the intelligent youth of today, sharing entertainment, conversation and amusement with strangers, and playing my descant recorder into the night. Living with humans beyond the confines of family/tribe/caste/class/sub-culture/familiarity/ or established bonds.

This theme continued for me this year, as the media and other authorities continued their sensationalist campaign to heighten our fear of strangers, and in particular the targetted enemies of the American war-mongers.

I had joined the group organising Queeruptions in Sydney in 2004 simply because they had advertised a picnic on a Sunday when I was looking for alternatives to the commercialised/consumerist social scene, and seeking to widen my social network. The only people I had regular contact with at this stage were workmates and colleagues, my friends having exited life or Sydney. (There are some adverse consequences to being a survivor: You can find you've been left all alone. But, this is just an opportunity to build again!)

Queeruptions erupted in February, and I was slightly hopeful that the Sex Party would facilitate me breaking a drought of affection. Well, you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need. Instead of meeting a sex partner, I met a person intent on befriending me in a long-term way, and he has become my best friend. On one hand, I am his mother's age. On the other hand, we are the same age mentally and emotionally.

And 2006 has begun with so much intensity that I won't have time to polish this post, so I'm just bunging it up as is. Cheers!


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