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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Creative Dissent

Creative Dissent

A monthly gathering of all-sorts of trouble-makers daring to share art and music outside of the pre-packaged meal deal. Lately it’s either been at the Hutch or the Abercrombie, on the last Wednesday of the month, featuring everything from poetry about police and forest blockades to cutting edge hilarious pop-satire with the groin-propelled electric guitars and all.

The performers are the people often seen on the front lines a demos, passionate creative people who celebrate life beyond the pre-fabricated box, students fresh from Newtown Drama High School with more to say than Britney’s spheres, death metal rockers with a political bent, electro-rap magicians with a deep groove to share.

Last month I was just blissed out for an hour while my friend Vicki played sax with an ambient jazz ensemble and I let my body dance to the transporting music. Ah! Bliss for brain and body!

And as a special bonus, another friend offered to massage me, so of course I accepted, and enjoyed another half-hour of bliss while the ambient jazz came and went and the bands changed and I was happy in this space so totally accepting of humanity, whether dressed in black and sitting quietly or dressed in rainbow and red and dancing exotic.

A gold coin donation is all that’s asked, and no one is turned away for lack of coin. Free food is provided from reclaimed resources. Happy smiling faces welcome you. Free people are loving people.

The Revolution is here, and I’m dancing to it!

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  • At 24 November, 2008 13:27, Blogger mayhem said…

    Hey Norrie,

    I just tagged you in a silly blogosphere quiz exercise..... I'm trying to see how "viral" the blogosphere still is..... go to my "Bodies Art & Stuff" blog to see what I mean.....



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