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Musings from the perspective of a human being who may well be not locatable completely within the usual categories of male or female or gay or straight or transsexual or intersexed or exploiter or exploited or supplier or consumer or performer or spectator.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fred Nile's Worst Nightmare

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



by norrie mAy-welby

Humans have done a lot of classifying of each other in order to exploit each other. It's hard to eat someone if they are classified the same as you, but the moment you class your own tribe as human and those of other tribes as not so human, you have a lot more food available.

Those of the ruling class, the inheritors of those who thieved the right to a free livelihood from your ancestors, benefited from the division of labour of those working in their factories and those rearing the next generation of employees.

But this classification is not respectful of human dignity.

I was four years old when I realised my mother was utterly absurd in claiming I could not play with my cousin's dolls. My cousin was classed as a girl, while I was classed a boy. The unseen physical difference between us seemed irrelevant to me, especially compared to the power gap between both of us and the monstrous adults. My mirror neurons told me there was nothing essentially different between me and my cousin. The adults I was physically dependent on made many ridiculous attempts to enforce a normative sex classification onto me, from smacking me for crying, to not allowing me to learn typing. Their slavish devotion to sex roles did not give me a high level of respect for their intelligence.

When I became interested in sex, I realised it was illegal for me, thanks to the classification system and the prohibition against same-sex sex. Many of those prohibitions have now been repealed, in many western countries at least, thanks to the tireless work of many people who actively believed in social justice. Marriage, however, remains forbidden for those classed as same sex, even in this supposedly relatively enlightened country, while homosexuality is actively prosecuted in many countries we trade with.

The enforcement of prohibitions based on sex classification creates a slave class of women in fundamental and sexist societies, victimises people classed as same sex attracted, and butchers babies   who don't fit the standard sex classifications until they do fit, after years of invasive surgeries to their genitals as children, and the administration of animal or synthetic sex hormones often without the child's knowledge or consent.

The binary breaks down in so many places, but those in charge of the armed forces in society go to excessive measures to paper over the cracks in their delusion that everyone is of one of two classes of human. People are allowed to change gender, but only to transition neatly and unambiguously from one of the two main classification to the other. Transsexuals have their new sex paid for and recognised by the state in Iran, while homosexuals have a wall pushed on them, all to remove evidence of any space between or variation from masculine males and feminine females.

I bought the binary lie for a while, decades ago, when I was diagnosed as transsexual and prescribed synthetic and horse hormones, and had a sex change op, but of course, it did not change my reproductive sex from male to female, merely remove reproductive sex, and give me an androgynous physique, which, as it turns out, suits my androgynous psyche. 

I am sick of the lies, and the crimes carried out to support the lies, that everyone is male or female. I petitioned the authority claiming to be the government of New South Wales to recognise that I exist as an adult without being specifically male or female. (I qualify their claim to be a government, as almost ever system I encounter is governed by forces and principles other than the humans who claim to be in charge of them. So-called "governments" do not govern either my breath or the sunrise, and their claimed authority is but vaingloriousness.)

This government initially recognised my sex classification to be unclassifiable in binary terms, "Non specific", as the medical authorities certified, "Not Specified" as the government issued certificate stated. When others discovered this case when I went public after a month, they thought about the consequences for their systems so dependent on an enforcement of the fictitious sex binary, and claimed the certification had been made in error, for even the people who changed their whole computer system to issue my certificate apparently now realise people can only ever be male or female, regardless of any conflicting evidence.

It's too late to stop the idea now. The genie is out of the bottle, and the sky didn't fall or society grind to a halt in the month I had my certificate and changed my sex to "Not Specified" with various other state and federal government agencies and my financial institution. It was not just the result of my own efforts either, for it was the result of years of education and activism by many against the tyrannies of imposing a compulsory sex binary on everybody. Other people and groups around the world are calling for similar freedom from an imposed lie.

No matter what or how much I have to do to proceed this legally, I will win my case again sooner or later. I have nothing to lose, save the stain on the soul from agreeing to a lie that makes many people miserable and turns infants into medical experiments. This is an idea whose time has come. Like abolishing slavery two hundred years ago, and ending the prohibition on women voting a hundred years ago, and ending the criminalisation of same sex sex thirty years ago, it is time to stop insisting that every human be classified male or female and given different privileges based on how they and their personal relationships fit a clearly opposing sex scheme, and well past time to stop butchering babies to fit into one of two approved roles.

Civilisation requires that we agree that every human has equal rights, and not impose with the state apparatus  the various old power un-sharing schemes that may have been better than the even worse regimes they replaced, but are still an offense to human dignity.