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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Star Drek

Called Star Trek, but mostly different actors and mostly different characters and totally different continuity (and totally different laws of physics) but with familiar names and accents and catch lines, a technically competent but soulless impersonation.

There's a difference between science fiction and pop fiction, and it's the difference between Gene Rodenberry's artistic vision and this corporate brand bland product : /

For the love of science, for example, at what point in time does Scottie invent a technique he first hears of from his future self via future Spock?

For the love of logic, how can Spock assert to his younger self that his is not their father? This is an illogical assertion, given that elder Spock now knows he can travel through time and easily interact with key figures in his history, including himself.

And for the love of us, why tell us we could live in a Universe so scary that at any moment our entire galaxy may be consumed by supernovae? Fear mongers! Yes, supernovae happen, and at worst never affect further than 50 light years, which is a long way, but it's a VERY big galaxy.

Nor we need fear an assault of crazed megalomaniacs from the future with advanced technology. The universe is far more lovingly constructed than that. OK, that's an emotional opinion, but you know what I mean, and it's up to you to make your own truth by telling yourself your own story : )

I love the inclusive pluralist and intellectual values of Roddenberry's Star Trek, and reject the fear mongering and insults to intelligence marketed by the megacorporation milking its inherited property.

Love well and prosper ; )