I who may well be...

Musings from the perspective of a human being who may well be not locatable completely within the usual categories of male or female or gay or straight or transsexual or intersexed or exploiter or exploited or supplier or consumer or performer or spectator.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

THIS Queen’s Christmas Message

Once upon a time, there were a group of apes who had developed a kind of tyranny, with the resources of the group being controlled by a few who had lied and cheated more than others to gain and expand their advantage.

One day one of the animals noticed that the bossy apes ruled by fear alone, for they were actually well outnumbered by the masses they controlled. This animal suggested to their fellow apes that they could end this oppression by simply sharing fairly and refusing to be influenced by violence. This challenged the status quo so much that the boss apes moved quickly to get their gorilla assassins to kill the peacemaker immediately.

Despite this, however, word of the peacemaker's ideas got around, and gained favour with others tired of tyranny and fear, and some of them resolved to live without fear, and few of them got killed for that, but not all, and eventually the idea spread and seemed so strong in spite of the rulers killing them and persecuting them that some began to say the spirit of this idea was immortal, it rose from the dead, and it lives on in all who think freedom and love are what life is about, not fear and control.

One day perhaps the peace makers will forever outnumber the warring controllers.

In the meantime, don't think too harsh of our species, for we are all, after all, just children raised by children, raised by children, raised by apes.

But what we aspire to be can make the difference...

Merry Christmas, my fellow angels ; )