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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Snipers targetting Sydney schoolkids

Here we are with "our" government colluding with armed foreign troops to put our schoolchildren in their targetting sights. Of course things will look uglier and uglier as the old order festers and bursts. But take hope! We have the technology and numbers to expose their atrocities and widen public support for peace and rejection of militarisation. Chant with me now: The people, well networked, will never be defeated! The people, well networked, will never be defeated! The people...

Spread these photos far and wide. This is what the New World Order wants to look like, with weapons pointed at the populace to stop us protesting and keep us in line with the economic interests of the obscenely wealthy. This is what we're fighting, and why we're fighting it. All those extra troops and weapons only increase the likelihood of an innocent being shot.

Is cheap Iraqi oil for your SUV worth a gun pointed at our kids?

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