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Thursday, September 06, 2007

APEC on the cheek can be quite Condaleeza

But fawning is a soul's worst end...

Here in SydAPECLOCKDOWNney, I realise that the revolution has started, with the people rising against the government that is sending their children to war, and against the police fencing off their city in a foolish attempt to silence their protest (but which only focuses mass dissent and resistance).

At the Student Strike rally, a prominent activist thanks me for the Christmas card I made last year, and says it still inspires her. I can thank the "Christian" Right Wing for making me look again at the Jesus stories to check my recollection that they are about absolute unconditional love, social justice, and radical compassion, not about interfering with people's love, or using public resources to secure private property, or waging war and killing over half a million innocent people in Iraq.

I see bubbles streaming across the marching crowd from the side furthest from me, and then I realise it's my Best Friend carrying the bubble machine, which he has retagged the Bubble Cannon. These are our tools, love, human connection, and ruthless ridicule. An intelligent human with a killing weapon is a sad joke against their own intelligence, and the sooner they realise that, put down their tools of violence, and join humanity with humanity, the happier we can all be.

I see my young friends shining in their roles leading the Love Revolution, and I realise I have been ideally placed to help nurture this astounding change in human society, from being about having stuff and supremacist views and defending that stuff and those views, to living freely as loving and compassionate and intelligent and creative and autonomous humans.

I realise I can upload my political songs onto the web, no longer held back by lack of resources or corporate approval, for anyone can publish now, and it will find its audience.

I LOVE the future! (As my innerchild sees the present times.)

I see the people's surveillance photos of snipers trained at the civilian population. Here we are with "our" government colluding with armed foreign troops to put our schooldchildren in their targetting sights. Of course things will look uglier and uglier as the old order festers and bursts. But take hope! We have the technology and numbers to expose their atrocities and widen public support for peace and rejection of militarisation. Chant with me now: The people, well networked, will never be defeated! The people, well networked, will never be defeated! The people...


From an old but reborn and regenerating and rejuvenated hippy!




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