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Monday, August 27, 2007

I know what sex I am!

A while ago, I was moaning that straight men thought I was a man, and gay men thought I was a woman. Of course, this may even have been true and manifest for me, however, this is almost completely because I had this belief, shaped by my own personal history and social history.

Now things have changed, and straight guys see me as a woman, or woman enough, and gay guys see me as pretty much the same as them.

I know what sex I am now.

I'm whatever sex you fancy ; )

Which is better than my previous operating belief, that others saw me as whatever sex they don't fancy!

I know there are people whose sexuality is more about what they don't want than what they want, you know, those who would rather be repelled by the penis on a drag queen rather than act on their attraction to the rest of her, and they may well be vast majority of the humans in Western society, but for me, they just don't count. They aint sexy, and so it don't even matter that they can't see how sexy I am.

I am not sexy for the masses.

I am sexy for the sexy.

; )

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