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Monday, April 16, 2007

It's all 2 beautiful

I've just enjoyed a lovely weekend at Regen, where the hills were truly alive with music. Vibrating, that is, around the clock, with the deadliest mother fucking bone-making sound systems. I had gr8 company (I love you all, SPS, Fuji Collective, Ca Ca, Configure8, Jollywood, big wet kisses and warm hugs y'all),some excessively high quality flirting, and bliss sleeping with my best friend. I'm not in love with him, but I do love him, and I'm not sexually attracted to him, but I do appreciate how utterly beautiful he is.

In between dreams, in the otherworldey light of the tent, I gazed with loving wonder at the "imperfections" on his skin, and felt overcome with gratitude for this experience, being able to appreciate the divine shining beauty inherent in this (and every) human being.

An utterly beautiful boy that said best friend and I flirted with on the weekend just sent me a lovely text, and I am so flattered that I am considerable flirtable by such an utterly angelic boy. And with that thought, I look at myself in the mirror, and thinking about such a lovely person who found me attractive, I can see that. That utter beauty, in the mirror.

Even in the imperfections.

And then, there are no imperfections.

Just divine beauty, the manifestation of divine love.

Yeah, hey, even the in wrinkles, and it's good I learnt to love them, because there will be many more, many, and deeper, and they all deserve and are worthy of love, of similar quality as the divine love that manifests our physical reality, "Within you," as the Beatles say, "and without you," (to complete the quote).

Who loves you, baby.


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