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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Survivors of Fatal Escape Suffer More Horror from Immigration Police

On Saturday I met the two guys who survived a month in a ship hold with fifteen days worth of water and the two dead bodies of their friends. Four desperate young men swum out one night across a bay in Morocco, so desperate they were willing to risk just throwing themselves blindly into a hold filled with phosphate, and hope that their meagre water supply would last till their expected port somewhere in Europe. A month of harsh seas and rain later, half way around the world, in the calmer seas just off Perth, Western Australia, the crew finally heard the weak taps of the one guy left conscious.

You might have heard of these guys when the media first broke their story. Bit bigger that a mere week down a mine, isn't it? Bet those guys have a big media deal sown up, huh, a month with two dead bodies, with nothing to drink but their own urine, and no idea if they'd ever survive, a real story of amazing courage, sacrificing everything to have a chance at life away from the corrupt military they were fleeing. Ah, but Eddie can't get to them yet.

They've been in detention over a year now.

They survived all the unforseeable horror of their escape, only to be caught in the mundane horror of mandatory detention.

Our immigration department checked to see if the men were in any danger in Morocco, and the Moroccan authorities said, no, not all, no corruption here, no, no, we're all lovely government and nice militia. Our offiicials took their word for it, over the testimony and evidence of the young men who risked everything to escape ill treatment from the corrupt military, one deserting, one assaulted trying to escape enlistment.

Their claim for asylum was rejected, and they rot in Immigration Detention along with every other poor unfortunate innocent, for no crime and with no release date, doped up with the standard psych meds issued by Global Solutions Limited.

After the publicity of their discovery in the tragic circumstances of the ship hold, their lives are even more in danger from angry military authoritarians in Morocco. The Minister for Immigration could grant them asylum now, especially given the bizarre circumstances escalating their tragic situation.

Call somebody.

Do something.

Write to
Senator Amanda Vanstone

Suite MP49
Minister for Immigration and Multiculural Affairs
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Send care of
SCALES Community Legal Advice Centre
Ground Floor,
Lotteries House
Civic Boulevarde
Rockingham WA 6168

Crumbs, man, is that all they got, nothing personal, I'm sure the Legal Advice people are a great bunch of people, but the Centre is probably just some under-resourced well-overstretched free legal aid service in Perth, man; That's all those poor guys have got. Except me.

And now, you.

Say something.

I can't leave their names on the internet, but she'll know who the two Morroccan survivors of the four Morrocan stowaways are. If you need their names, send me an email. But spread the story. It is so tragically bizarre, and typical in the level of bizarreness caused by our insane border policies, and by "our" I mean all of this human society we are all part of, that's made of us, ulitmately, so what's with all the facist borders man?



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