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Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Troops = Less Health Care

What a sad indictment of our politician’s priorities, when we don’t have enough money for adequate public health care as it is, and they want to spend more money on more people killers! Yes, people killers. That’s what army troops are, not just spunky boys in uniforms, or exciting dress-up games with fireworks, but people killers. That’s their job, and our government, not content with our contribution to the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan, want to use more of our money for killing. Meanwhile, a close friend of mine is denied a scheduled operation due to lack of funding for the public health system.

It’s not just immoral to pour resources into killing people, it’s also unbearably draining on the public purse, and leaves more of us without adequate health care (or education, or child care, and so on). I’m alright now, but I plan to be older one day, and maybe in need of some public health care eventually. How about you?


  • At 01 September, 2006 17:52, Blogger Norrie said…

    This letter published as the featured letter (Headlined and with highlighted quote!) in last Saturday's Daily Telegraph 26 August 2006.


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