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Friday, August 11, 2006

Marriage Equality Rally Taylor Square 1pm This Sunday 13 Aug

I will be speaking and singing at this rally this Sunday, http://www.caah.org/nda/2006/pdfs/posterdraft.pdf
about terrorism and love.

I'll be at the Hyde Park end of the Rally, around 3pmish.

It's a funny battlefield, marriage, which ironicly I'm fighting at the same time as equal access to Sex On Premises Venues!

Of course, as a Christian, I can't personally endorse marriage ("There is no marriage in Heaven", "In Heaven there is no slave or master, Gentile or Jew, male or female"), but I support the rights of all people in this secular society to have equal opportunies to screw their lives up as they see fit.

Whatever your views on marriage, this is about equality.


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