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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stop refugees being locked up off-shore! Sign here!

Amnesty International is conducting a major campaign against the proposed increased abuse of refugees seeking asylum in Australia, that is, the proposal to grab any man, woman or child arriving by boat and dump them on a desert island, behind razor wire, for months or years without end, outside of the niceties of Australian law or the ability of concerned Australians to visit them.

At a time when "Australian values" are being bandied about, let us least insist on the standards illustrated in the Good Samaritan story. I think these are minimum values for civilised people, Christian or secular or other. If we are only concerned for our own kin, we are no more moral than a jackal. Refugees are courageous people fleeing certain death in very arduous circumstances, including young orphaned children who don't deserve to just be shipped back to war zones (as happened to many Afghan orphans detained on Naruu) because there are no people able to visit them and raise concerns..

Please click on this link and sign this petition in the NEXT TEN DAYS, and pass it on to your networks!


norrie mAy-welby


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