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Monday, May 29, 2006

URGENT: Gay Books in Daycare Centres - PLEASE SUPPORT Polls

The homophobes are voting big here. Please think of the children. No, really, the kids of lesbian mums, the kids who may have a gay or bi dad, the kids who maybe a little non-gender-normative themselves. Please show support for children's education being inclusive and teaching inclusion and not allowing anyone to be belittled for being different.

Help make a better world. Get your networks to vote in this poll, and show the right-wing (who have obviously mobilised seriously on this) that hate is not as strong as love.




  • At 30 May, 2006 21:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pity you couldn't provide a more accurate link to the surveys in question.

    But I was interested to see, when I voted yesterday, that only Howard lying on kids overboard, and Costello telling non-assimilators to go back "home", had higher votes this year. I expect as the day wore on, this poll will have exceeded them.

    The Telegraph should be ashamed of itself, but is, of course, shameless. What is particularly funny (if not tragic) is the rift between the editorial side (which, in the absence of a true story, tried to make Sam Byrne the story) and Susan Dunlevy's relatively (because giving Damien Tudehope space as the rep of the so-called "Australian Family Association" is not really balance - when was my family (either parental and hence "Str8" or mine and not) ever represented by him?) balanced story.
    Iemma is a jerk.
    Tebbut was only prevented from equalling her previous gutlessnes on this front by (1) the (relative) fright she got in the Marrickvillle bye-election and (2) the fact that I think she was probably on Marrickville Council when this first went through, or at least her Labor colleagues were.


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