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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Letter from President of Iran to President of USA

A most moving letter, from the President of Iran, to the President of the USA, appealing to their shared faith in God and Jesus, to re-assess what America has been doing against the standards of Bush's professed religious beliefs. and of civic benevolence. It's long and detailed, and I wonder if Bush will ever have any of it read to him, and I doubt that he is capable of understanding it, but it's a work of compassionate intellect, and worthy of great exposure.

In this time when the RightWing"Christians" and fanatical "Islamists" claim to be on the side of the Loving Creator God in their campaigns of war, hatred, torture and death, it is most encouraging for a prominent religious figure to point out the unifying principles common to Islam, Christianity and Judaism, while not being silent on the crimes being perpetrated on God's children (such as the Palestinians under military occupation, the people tortured in Gitmo, and the victims of the WTO attack).



  • At 25 May, 2006 16:11, Blogger Bos'un said…

    President Ahmadinejad said that the letter actually contained a clear message of invitation to human beliefs, adding that its response will determine the future. You see, President Ahmadinejad was extending da'wa (invitation to Islam).


    This is a critical step President Ahmadinejad must take before he can legally declare jihad against the infidels (America.)

    From what I understand, if the infidels refuse, then Ahmadinejad may declare jihad legally according to Sha'ria.

    It was not an olive branch, it was, "You must turn away from Christianity and accept Islam."

    That may be difficult for those who have not yet read the book to understand. You may also consider studing the Quran and seek the full truth.


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