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Friday, May 05, 2006

Hypocrites Supporting Discrimination

I'm damn pissed off with these hypocrites who use religion and God to treat certain kinds of people, all God's creations, as unacceptable. It is even more hypocritical when they do this in the name of Jesus, who pointedly welcomed to community even those rejected by pharisees, priests and scripture.

It boggles my mind how can anyone profess to follow Christ and not follow Christ's very strong principle of inclusiveness. Yet today the self-righteous seek the right kick out the lepers and eunuchs. Well, I'm a eunuch, and Jesus in the Bible says God loves and values me, and I'm sick of hypocritical authoritarians claiming the mandate of religious correctness. Exclusion and unfair discrimination are against the inclusive values of both Christianity (as espoused by Jesus in the Gospels) and any sustainable secular society.

norrie mAy-welby
learned nothing as a child at sunday school that told me I was an abomination unto the Lord

I wrote the above in response to MP David Clarke’s opposition to legislation against workplace discrimination in NSW. The following Greens press release sums up his position well, or you can check out his self-righteous diatribe against anyone who is different from what he sees as acceptable in Hansard.

David Clarke confirms Liberal position:

‘Values’ over anti-discrimination

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has today expressed disappointment that the Liberal Party will oppose her Anti-Discrimination Amendment ( Equality in Education and Employment) Bill which would remove loopholes allowing private schools and small businesses to discriminate against gay, lesbian and transgender people.

David Clarke, the leader of the Liberal’s religious right faction, yesterday spoke to the Bill and repeated the Liberal Party position that vague ‘values’ are more important than preventing discrimination.

Mr Clarke stated: “…if homosexuality or transgender sexuality are portrayed…to students through the demeanour, practice or conduct of t eachers…there is a potential problem.”

“Just which values is the Liberal Party defending?” Ms Rhiannon asked today.

“The value that says it’s OK to punish someone for being gay or lesbian? The value that says it’s OK to expel a student for coming out?

“The Greens are happy to put our values on display – tolerance, compassion, fairness.

“The Liberal Party’s values of homophobia and exclusion are shameful and an insult to NSW’s lgbti communities,” Ms Rhiannon concluded.

A final vote on the Bill will take place in coming weeks. The full Hansard of debate is available at www.parliament.nsw.gov.au.


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