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Friday, March 31, 2006

V for Vendetta

This was my favourite comic book when first published in serial form back in the eighties when I was an impressionable young adult; A guide to anarchy that has shaped my life, with its uncomprising call to integrity and defiance of the brutal rule of authoritarianism.

The film captures all this brilliantly, and I look forward to repeated screenings. The brothers Wachowski, who made the Matrix trilogy, have done a superb job of making this movie entertaining, educational, and absolutely true to the original. Details have been changed, as the original was based in a future twenty years from 1980, but it is truer to the spirit of the original work, with its digs at modern goverment-sponsored atrocities, the governmental creation of terrorism and fear, and the vile corruption (and inevitable weakness) of authoritarianism.

More, it is a shining testament and clarion call to the immortality of freedom.

Why writer Alan Moore insisted on being absent from the credits is just a bearded mystic thing I wouldn't understand, I expect.

See it on the big screen, and let your heart burst with joy for the power of freedom.


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