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Monday, March 06, 2006

ALP MP Endorses Marriage Equality

OPEN LETTER TO Sharon Grierson, federal ALP member for Newcastle, the first Labor member of parliament to sign AME's (Australians for Marriage Equality) Charter of Equality, publicly (and courageously) committingherself to voting in favour of equal marriage rights when legislation is next introduced into federal parliament.
Thank you for showing honour and respect for all of God's children, in taking a stand to support the right of all adults to form loving relationships and have their actual family relationships recognised and respected.

I'm sure the hypocrites and scribes will vent their tort-bound hatred at you, just as they did at Jesus who dared proclaim that the Law is made for Humanity, not Humanity for the Law. Thank you for following the true example Christ sets for Christians, to insist on fair treatment for all, no matter how upset the religious authorities become. Hopefully, no one get's nailed up this time, but I just mention this aspect to point out to so-called Christian homophobes (who will no doubt be writing to you) that Christ's message is not about homophobia, it IS about resisting authority where that authority is unreasonable, and it is about daring all for Love.

I myself am currently partnerless, but it important for me to believe that I have as much right as anyone else to have a partner and be in a loving relationship. If others can have their relationships recognised in a way that I can't, that diminishes my value as a human being (and makes it more likely that I will be unloved). And that's just not right. You wouldn't allow any child to feel that they are intrinsically worth less than another child.

This is not about holding marriage up as the goal for all, just making access equal, and thus respecting the equal value of all people. (If we cannot agree we are equal, then we cannot be called truly civilised.)

Thank you for making the right, loving, brave, and Christian, stand.
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